Drs. Serrata and Hurtado are experts in their specialty areas and offer consultation and training to various entities including individual professionals or professional groups, such as non-profit organizations, health organizations, and specialty clinics.

Consultation and training topics are generally related to culturally-responsive and trauma-informed services. However, Drs. Serrata and Hurtado can provide expertise in the following areas:

  • Latina/o Mental Health
  • Strength-Based Approaches to Practice
  • Trauma-informed healing
  • Culturally-based healing
  • Culturally-adapted interventions
  • Creating Trauma-Informed Organizational Systems
  • Cultural Responsiveness Training
  • Supporting Change Makers or Heal the Healer
  • Adolescent Mental Health
  • Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Teen Dating Violence

Please email us at info@pricklypeartherapy.com for further information.