Aligned with our organization values, in the past two years, Prickly Pear Therapy & Training has expanded to include training and consulting services for nonprofit organizations. Providing trauma-informed organizational support is integral to being able to provide a healing space for our community as our community members are often delivering these services at the same time they are interacting within organizations where they are not represented culturally. We help leaders to be able to learn how to embrace and practice an antiracist, trauma-informed approach to create culturally-responsive organizational structures, reduce and prevent burnout, and promote a strength-based environment for their teams to thrive. 

Organizational Support 

Prickly Pear Therapy and Training has a healing-informed approach in their consultation and training for providers and organizations from BIPOC communities. In our work, we facilitate dialogue around the foundational knowledge that is needed to create a shift towards providing trauma-informed care to community members. 

We facilitate experiential exercises and deep dive dialogues about strategies for organizational change and the application of culturally-responsive, trauma-informed care, as well as strategies to prevent burnout among providers.

We are able to provide a full and half-day of training, workshops, and collective care group support. We also provide trainings and coaching to nonprofit boards and leadership. Training and consultation is adapted to fit the unique needs of each organization. 

Collective Repair

Conflicts and tensions among team environments is inevitable. We come to this work from a stance of passion and energy about creating systemic change, however, our own ways of relating, reconciling when we have created harm, expressing needs when harm has been done to us are all dynamics that are deeply embedded in collective and individual trauma. It is in the repair of harm that significant growth can take place amongst individuals and within their teams. Our team proposes a restorative justice and holistic healing approach to regroup and restore social justice-driven teams. We are available for collective repair support

Training Topics

Our team provides interventions that are understanding of the experiences of trauma and multicultural identities. Their clinicians work to facilitate healing from painful emotions through a collaborative approach centered in empowerment and hope. Given our expertise, we also work with organizations to center the well-being of their workforce, especially for individuals who live at the intersections of diverse identities. Consultation for organization leadership is also available. 

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Psychological trauma: collective and individual-level trauma, immigration, complex and developmental, PTSD and C-PTSD, violence prevention, domestic and interpersonal violence education, suicide prevention education, posttraumatic growth, and burnout prevention. 
  • Anti-racism and decolonized approaches to mental health and wellness.
  • Organizational change through trauma-informed and empowerment-centered approaches. 
  • Trauma-informed leadership
  • Culturally-competent and responsive mentoring and leadership.
  • Culturally-responsive approaches to community wellness. 
  • BIPOC, Latine/Latinx mental health education and healing approaches

Past Trainings 

  • Self-care during COVID-19 and beyond 
  • Zooming out: Grounding and Resetting (Collective grounding)
  • Understanding the needs of underserved communities in Texas
  • Working with Latinos in clinical settings
  • Addressing the needs of undocumented communities in clinical settings
  • Behavioral interventions in immigrant children and families
  • Cultural responsiveness and trauma-informed care for sexual assault survivors
  • Forensic psychological evaluations with children and adolescents
  • Trauma and eating disorder recovery treatment in Latinx communities
  • Marginalized communities, risk for intimate partner homicide & natural disasters
  • Suicidal Assessment and Management in Latinx communities
  • Promoting Organizational Change Through A Trauma-Informed Approach