Prickly Pear Therapy and Training deeply values collective well-being and builds a work environment that resembles our organization values. 

Our Mission

We believe in the ability of individuals to rise above their current distress, to heal, and transform. We work to facilitate healing from painful emotions and memories through a collaborative approach centered on empowerment and hope. We strive to work with our clients on building a life that is balanced and fulfilling.

Our Values 

Our values include a culturally-centered and anti-oppressive, collaborative, and relational approach to healing-informed and empowerment based-care for psychological trauma. 

This means that as supported by research, we understand the therapeutic relationship to be a foundational mechanism of change. In addition, we value a collaborative and collective work team environment and promote relationships within our organization and in our communities.

We also value understanding our client’s trauma (individual and collective), how trauma impacts us as practitioners and how it impacts our organization and communities. This knowledge influences all aspects of our work and interactions in this practice.

We recognize the tremendous strength and resilience in our clients and communities. We seek to foster inner and collective growth. We also view our colleagues through a lens of strength and understanding.

We honor and center our cultural selves and prioritize culture organizationally. We draw from cultural resiliency and uplift traditional healing and collective cultural wisdom. Our organization seeks to build a brave space where processes of self-reflection and growth related to ant-racism and anti-oppression work is central.

Our Approach

The Prickly Pear organization provides a safe place for Latine/x identified healers to be seen for all of who they are in and outside of their helping role. We create decolonized meeting spaces that offer connection and move beyond the capitalist grind. We also provide supportive spaces through various consultation groups for ongoing growth and resilience building. 

In addition, we practice collective support by offering a monthly paid day for self-care, monthly collective care groups and ongoing efforts to bring healing to our own team (heal the healer spaces).

About Our Practice 

Prickly Pear Therapy & Training, led by Drs. Serrata and Hurtado, is a bilingual (Spanish/English) and bicultural mental health practice located in Austin, Texas. The practice provides interventions that are understanding of the experiences of trauma and multicultural identities. Their clinicians are experts in Latinx mental health and leading professionals in culturally grounded care. They work to facilitate healing through a collaborative approach centered in empowerment and hope. 

Prickly Pear Therapy & Training consists of a multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals, including Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, and Licensed Professional Counselors. Prickly Pear provides weekly consultation to their clinicians and ongoing supervision on issues related to Latinx mental health (e.g., anti-oppression, intergenerational trauma, immigration stress, etc.), trauma and healing-informed care, eating disorders in the Latinx community, somatic experiencing, and other relevant topics.

Current Openings

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