Drs. Serrata and Hurtado founded Prickly Pear Therapy and Training in 2018. They wanted to create a healing space for the Latine/Latinx community in which folks could show up as their authentic selves. Drs. Serrata and Hurtado knew from experience how it was to survive in systems where Latine/Latinx folks are underrepresented. 

Finding a therapist that understands who we are can be extremely validating as they can understand our cultural context and we do not need to spend as much time explaining our daily experiences or environment. Prickly Pear Therapy and Training was created with the purpose to bring high quality trauma and healing-informed mental health services that honors the cultural values of the Latine/Latinx community.  

Prickly Pear Therapy and Training is a practice created by and for Latine/Latinx folx, where we uplift culture and healing not only in our therapeutic services but also in our team environment and external services (organization support, training and consultation).



  • American Psychological Association
  • National Latinx Psychological Association
  • Texas Psychological Association
  • Central Texas Eating Disorder Specialists