If you can’t tell already, we’re excited that you’re here and that we’re officially launching our blog! This is our introductory post where we’ll tell you the who, what, and why of our blog post series.


We’re the co-owners, clinicians, trainers and community partners of Prickly Pear Therapy and Training. We’re a collective of folx committed to centering culture and healing in all that we do. We’ll co-develop material, have guest bloggers and we’ll feature some amazing community members who you should know about.

We are diverse in our countries of origin, neurodiversity, immigration status, gender, sexual identities, SES backgrounds, education levels, ability identities, parent roles, etc. AND we have shared cultural experiences that we’ll uplift throughout our posts.


There aren’t enough Latina/x/e voices in the blogging space.  And there definitely aren’t enough mental health and trauma informed resources out there for our gente regarding the intersections of trauma and our diverse identities (including neuro diversity). We’re hoping to change that poco a poco.


We’re based in Austin, Tejas but have partnerships all over so you’ll hear a diversity of voices across the country and internationally.


We plan to post, at the least, bi-weekly content. You may get some bonus content here and there depending on what’s going on in our lives (sick kids, stuff with familia for example) and the world (uh hum..COVID and world crises).


You can plan to expect great culturally grounded content, resources, life hacks, mental health tips, cultural anecdotes, etc., etc. ¡Estamos aquí para servir!

In summary, our blog has been created to:

  • Uplift Latina/x/e voices in the mental health, neuro-affirmative and trauma informed spaces
  • Be a place where you can find and read content that you relate to
  • Share helpful resources, pro tips, life hacks, etc.
  • Just take a breath of fresh air because, chingado, we need it!

We welcome you into our space with the sense of a warm cafecito and pan dulce. Please connect with us on Instagram, Facebook and our podcast, The Prickly Couch, and let us know about any topics that you want to see us cover!

You’re part of the Prickly Chingona/x community now, we want to hear from you!