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When it comes to the intersectionality between Latine and LGBTQ+ communities, there is an embodiment of strength and resilience. In this blog post, we will celebrate the Latine LGBTQ+ community and emphasize the importance of their activism for freedom and equality.

Through activism, art, and media representation, LGBTQ+ voices are amplified and shared with our community. There have been and continue to be trailblazers that play a significant role in advancing the community’s empowerment. There is Sylvia Rivera, a transgender rights activist and Stonewall veteran. Michaele Jaé Rodriguez is the first trans woman to receive a Golden Globe. Jose Julio Sarria was the first openly gay person to run for office. These icons contributed to breaking down barriers and inspiring countless others to live authentically and unapologetically.

Within the Latine LGBTQ+ community, our support networks play a vital role. Familia, chosen families, and community organizations can provide spaces for connection, understanding, and unconditional love. These support systems empower individuals to navigate the challenges they may face, whether cultural expectations, discrimination, or rejection. By unifying and supporting one another, the Latine LGBTQ+ community continues to grow stronger, fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance.

While progress has been made, the journey towards full acceptance and equality for the Latine LGBTQ+ community is far from over. Latinx youth are 30% more likely to report a previous suicide attempt in the past year when compared to non-Latinx LGBTQ youth (Trevor Project, 2020). This risk doubled when Latinx LGBTQ+ youth worried about their family members, specifically when they were at risk for detention or deportation because of immigration policies (Trevor Project, 2020). Additionally, Latinx LGBTQ+ adults were more likely than their non-Latinx LGBTQ+ counterparts to report feeling unsafe, experiencing discrimination and victimization, and having higher stress levels and depression (Wilson, Mallory, Bouton, & Choi, 2021). Intersectionality remains a crucial focus, as individuals face unique challenges due to their multiple identities. It is imperative to continue supporting LGBTQ+ youth, addressing mental health issues, and fostering safe spaces that empower individuals to thrive authentically.

Here at Prickly Pear, we strive to be one of those safe and brave communities where folxs can land safely, heal and transform, rise above challenges, and embrace who they are truly meant to be in this world. There is an emphasis on acceptance and empowerment, whether in an individual therapy session or within our team. This is a communidad built on strength, resilience, and above all else, love.

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